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If you haven't yet you should probably watch 👍

the is an extremely interesting person as well:
He used to be a who "...spent 14 years in silence and prayer during his training." & went on to become a 🎥

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Do you mean Francis Ford Coppola participated in the #qatsitrilogy?

Can't find it in his #filmography:

or what do you mean? 😀

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I always thought he directed it, because his name is on the credits.

But it seemed he just helped distribute it.


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I don't throw away lamps but "burn" them in my dwellings. They give off sufficient light and provide some heat as well. Currently one CFL has been consumed, have a box full of them.

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@dynode @ned

What does it mean to “burn” them?

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extinction: Why we're saving the wrong

Think are disappearing? Or that the more hives we have the better?

Think again. Here's why they're the bad boys of the bee world, and what we should be focusing on instead.

We're destroying our at an alarming rate. But it doesn't need to be this way.


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@stux @MarcoWam Weer klokken en klepels enzo. eind jaren veertig waren er bijna 50.000 imkers in Nederland en leefden er ook nog vele wilde kolonies in schoorstenen en holle bomen. Na een dieptepunt een jaar of 15 terug waren er nog 5.000 imkers en door varoa-mijt nog nauwelijks wilde volken over. Ook hier geldt weer, als de natuur op orde was was er überhaupt geen probleem met wilde bijen. Dat kun je de honingbijen niet aanrekenen.

Wen, (edited )
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Humanity’s survival is still within our grasp – just. But only if we take these radical steps


Not while profits are to be made by those who will not be alive anyway in 30 years time.

#environment #ClimateChange

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A new report says Tyson plants dumped more than 371 million pounds of pollutants into U.S. waterways between 2018 and 2022.


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"For years, oil refineries across the country have pumped out dangerous levels of benzene, a toxic chemical that can cause leukemia and other blood cancers.

But in a rare example of environmental progress, benzene emissions from nearly all of those refineries have recently plummeted due to strong federal regulations and oversight, according to a new analysis by a watchdog group."

🎁: https://wapo.st/4byA331

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This is why I have zero respect for Greenpeace.

A crop that could save 250k-500k children in the global south, and because it's openly GM, unlike all the rice, wheat, and barley, varieties that are available in the global north (Calrose, Amaroo, etc), Greenpeace are opposed to it.

Nothing sadder than a rich white environmentalist screaming at the global south that "YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" #environment https://www.theguardian.com/environment/article/2024/may/25/greenpeace-blocks-planting-of-lifesaving-golden-rice-philippines

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@santiago @mos_8502 yeh, if you read why they did it, there's just no market for them to comercialise it in the global north as they don't have Vitamin A deficiencies, and I'm guessing trying to commercialise it in the global south would give them less (tax) benefit than using it for humanitarian uses.

Honestly, it's a debate worth having, but I'm always going to be against kneejerk stuff like Greenpeace have been doing to these rice and wheat crops (from 2013): https://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-09-20/scientists-speak-out-against-vandalism-of-gm-rice/4970626

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@sortius @mos_8502 I read that it is not a viable product in rich countries today. Just on the long term I think governments should have assurances a corporation will not change its mind once everyone is dependent and start charging emerging countries.

If it’s truly humanitarian governments should nationalize these (supposedly commercially worthless) patents. I just can’t believe a large corporation can do anything with “no plans”. We’ll see in 20 years…

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If anyone has a project that they are working on for or , and need an digital designer/illustrator, I would love to hear from you.

I find this type of project incredibly rewarding to work on, as they do have potential to encourage us to make better, more sustainable choices.

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So the Environmental Agency, is embarrassed to reveal the true state of our environment...

They find it difficult to answer prescient questions from NGOs with significant expertise (the implications being, better informed that the EA staff) & (it would seem) would like the NGO's Q.s to be more simply put to help EA staff offer better answers?

If you wanted a picture of a failing regulatory agency this would be it....


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@Simon318ppm @zleap @ChrisMayLA6 Indeed. Regulators must be empowered to levy fines which make failing to meet obligations massively uneconomic. Without that power, regulation has no teeth.

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@KimSJ @Simon318ppm @ChrisMayLA6

Report in paper today abiout some TikTok trend where people go around sucker punching (iow assault) people.

Time TinkTok was fined, those who carry out those finds are sued and ordered to pay crippling lawsuits and told to blame their own stupidity, oh and the person starting the trend should also be sued.and ordered to pay costs of BOTH sides.

If regulators can't deal with the, platforms, those causing problems should be dealt with through the civil courts.

These platforms can be a force for good, and we should

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The chief of UK’s Environment Agency admits that the regulator buries freedom of information requests.

Speaking at the UK River Summit, Philip Duffy said officials do not want to reveal the true embarrassing environmental picture.


jsrailton, (edited )
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Reading this🧵? Your blood probably contains some amount of toxic made by

Enough to spike your risk of cancers & illnesses?

Without a blood test, you have no idea.

Why is their toxin running in your veins?

Well, 3M & kept the harms secret even as their toxins were incorporated into...everything.

From french fry bags to chairs.

They gaslit their own scientists.

& regularly dumped, creating toxic zones. 1/


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2/ Risks from include Diabetes, obesity, testicular , developmental delays...

Some researchers think that anyone exposed to these chemicals will have an elevated cancer risk.

At ANY concentration.

Since scientists estimate that we ALL have at least one of these forever chemicals in our blood...

That would be all of us.

@jsrailton@mastodon.social avatar

3/ If the "we are all at risk of cancer" from framing for some reason doesn't bug you, consider the taxpayer costs.

Numbers are staggering.

$64 billion in estimated increased disease burden in a single year.

Meanwhile makes $1.5 billion a year from making the stuff.

And 16,000 of 3M's products still contain the chemical.

While company pledges to wind down manufacture. They haven't stopped.

To date, 3m has not admitted wrongdoing and faced no criminal liability

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"The International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea rules carbon dioxide is an ocean pollutant"


@steve_zeke@freeradical.zone avatar

Excellent article by Sharon Lerner. Long, but reads fast like intrigue fiction (but 100% true).

> After the late ’70s, when 3M scientists established that the chemical was toxic in animals and was accumulating in humans, it produced millions of pounds per year.

> all people have at least one forever chemical in their blood, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


@steve_zeke@freeradical.zone avatar

For more on how this affected one community, read this from Dec 2022


> 3M dumped chemical waste in Washington County for decades. A lot of young people got cancer. Some of them made it, some didn’t.

Amara Strande, profiled in the article, died on April 14, 2023 at age 20.


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Toxic Gaslighting: How 3M Executives Convinced a Scientist the Forever Chemicals She Found in Human Blood Were Safe


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Environmental advocates heartbroken over sale of Florida seabird preserve | Florida


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If you needed another reason to be wary of #JohnFetterman: He's recently allied with Ron DeSantis in attacking lab grown meat.

There's no rational reason to hate lab-grown meat besides traditionalism, but plenty of reasons to attack #FactoryFarming - it's bad for the #environment, animals are kept in horrible conditions, the government subsidizes it...

Fetterman even chooses a strangely Trumpian insult too: "Crash and Burn Ron."


#RonDesantis #LabGrownMeat

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@nus @liveposting
Not so odd...As a member of @SenateAgDems.... He's doing his donor's bidding. They all do this.

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Summer 2023 was northern hemisphere's hottest for 2,000 years, tree rings show https://phys.org/news/2024-05-summer-northern-hemisphere-hottest-years.html

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Lunacy from the Cato Institute


I read it so you don't have to….

'Humans, especially those living in the countries on the frontier of innovation, create knowledge that allows us to grow our resources well in excess of the resources that we consume.’

It is laughable, but expect the ‘arguments' to be repeated by right wing politicians everywhere.

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https://www.europesays.com/1226995/ Eight of the top 10 vehicles in Canada are now defined as ‘trucks.’ Why our obsession with trucks is becoming a health and safety hazard

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