We cannot hear, Yay! /m/deaf we still cannot hear!

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Profoundly man awarded £50K after mistreatment by job centre staff

‘Although he had not met him and knew little of his background, the official advised colleagues that Rimmer’s deafness was not a significant barrier to work and suggested his complaints about lack of deaf-friendly support were a way of trying to wilfully “sabotage” efforts to help him find a job.’


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The assumption that people and those with severe hearing loss should be in work, off benefits BUT require no assistance in doing that is very wide spread.

The idea that we ‘self sabotage’ is common too.

I applied for Access to Work assistance back in October 2023 for assistance in the workplace with my hearing loss in my new job…so far absolutely big fat nothing.

I was told at school that my was not a reason for being shy and finding verbal communication hard.

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necrosis, German
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Du bist unter 35 Jahre jung, hörgeschädigt und möchtest mit anderen ins #phantasialand ? 🦻

Dann hier anmelden —>


#deaf #hearingimpaired

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Don’t agree with everything in article, but this I do:

‘It’s important to be hopeful and to welcome medical advances. But what many #deaf people really want is much simpler: it’s funding for #BSL classes for parents; it’s a commitment from the government to allocate more resources to those with hearing loss, and it’s visibility in the media and correct representation in culture’



Deaf toddler can hear after world-first gene

A toddler who was born deaf has had her hearing restored by groundbreaking gene therapy. say it marks a new era in the of .


Deaf toddler can hear after world-first gene therapy | DW News

pascaline, Dutch
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We also need this kind of news ❤

Gene therapy; a deaf child can now hear after only 16 minutes surgery. Wow.

#deaf #hearing #research #GeneTherapy

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#WhatchaReading ? Wow, the bleak moment in The Breakup Lists was even worse than I expected, though actually worked really well with the story arc. I found it overall a good read, though too repetitious and with a bit of a deus ex machina ending; I would've like to see the main character really pursue what he wanted.

Has what seems like very good #deaf representation, is very #queer , and very geeky about high school theater. And a sweet romance.

@bookstodon @romancebooks

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I don't like it when hairdressers do small talk and I don't have my cochlear implant gubbins on.... hey bro' I'm in a world of silence here, I don't know your accent or how you speak so lip-reading via the mirror and without wearing my glasses is gonna be a PITA.... please just cut my hair and don't speak, thanks.

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@ItsThatDeafGuy I want this, and I'm not deaf lol

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@ItsThatDeafGuy Sometimes I just ask if it's cool if I put my headphones in lol

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Just seen another person with a cochlear implant at the indie cinema and it's about bloody time 😀 I've been working my ass off trying to increase awareness that the cinema do a load of subtitled showings.

More deafies please....

#DeafAccess #Subtitles #Captions #Deaf #SubtitledCinema #Cinema #SupportIndependentCinema

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@ItsThatDeafGuy heck yeah!

Captions make the cinema so much more enjoyable.

elomenelomina, German
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I am but my world is a hearing one.

I rely on the visual not the auditory.

The word ,lip-reading‘ implies reading like reading a book whose text is legible and clear.

But the human face isn‘t a book and lip-reading isn‘t reading.

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Ranked list of characters in fiction updated! This month I read Sugaring Off by French, Apple Is My Sign by Riskind, & 3 short stories: “Death Is Deaf” by Campbell, “The Stars Above” by Duckett, & “The Sounds of Early Morning” by Gonzales.


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‘As you go about your business – shopping, walking, playing a sport, riding a subway – someone may notice that glint of silver behind your ear, or that almost-imperceptible plastic wire entering the pinna…’

And this is when the magic happens. The fact someone can see your hearing aid makes you an advocate for addressing your hearing loss.



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Because I’ve worn hearing aids since the age of six, hiding them has always felt pointless.

I love having short hair anyway…but I also hated when I did go through a phase of having it slightly longer (a bob) having to ‘out’ myself most days to strangers as being deaf. I just want people to see them and not make a big deal about it, which 80% of people do.

But I guess now in middle age, people around me will be losing their hearing too and if I can silently persuade them to get help, that’s ok

mustikkasoppa, Finnish
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Viittomakielen tulkin saamisen vaikeudet Suomessa 2

Kun ei saa tulkkeja, niin opiskelu ja työnteko on lähes mahdotonta joillain aloilla. Ja ainoa taho, joka voi korjata asian, on Kela. Tällä hetkellä on tilanne, että Kela haluaa tieten tähden heikentää tätä kyseistä palvelua. Samalla se heikentää kuulovammaisten ihmisoikeutta, oikeutta olla osa yhteiskuntaa.

#audism #Kela #deaf

mustikkasoppa, Finnish
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"Älä tulkkaa Veeralle" pyynnöt

Tämä on yllättävän yleistä. Monet pyytävät suoraan viittomakielen tulkiltani ettei tulkkaisi mulle mm. näistä asioista:

  • ei Veera tämmöstä tietoa tarvitse
  • kirosanat
  • intiimit jutut lounaspöydällä (julkinen paikka)
  • läpät tai muut random jutut, jotka rikkovat illuusion kyseisestä henkilöstä

mustikkasoppa, Finnish
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Avasin edellisessä postauksesta audismi termiä ja nyt laitan tänne sarjapostauksena omasta kokemuksestani audismista. Tarkoituksena on herättää ihmisiä ajattelemaan ja toimimaan tästä eteenpäin toisin ja inhimillisemmin kuuroja ja huonokuuloisia kohtaan. ❤️ 🥺 🙏

#audism #deaf #HardOfHearing #disability

mustikkasoppa, Finnish
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Viime päivinä on kohistu somessa Kelan uudesta linjauksesta ja kaiken tämän takana on järjestelmällinen audismi.

"Audismi on termi, jota käytetään kuvaamaan kuurojen ja huonokuuloisten syrjintää. Se voi myös tarkoittaa tiettyjä stereotypioita kuuroista ja huonokuuloisista. Audismissa voidaan esimerkiksi olettaa, että kuulevien kulttuuriset tavat ovat jollain tapaa kuurojen tai viittomakielisten kulttuurisia tapoja parempia. Toisaalta voidaan ajatella, että kuurot ovat jollain tapaa kuulevia kyvyttömämpiä." -Wikipedia

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Nice, cncf seems to have working group for the ones with limited hearing.

#kubecon #deaf

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I had one of those big decisions today that suddenly come out of nowhere that I had to decide there and then.

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that when I’m not talking politics and retrofit, I’m often to be found discussing issues to do with being #deaf.

I’ve worn NHS hearing since the age of six. They have enabled me to have an amazing quality of life. I cannot imagine life without them. I am forever grateful.

But today I was put in a quandary…

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I had a hearing test up at the hospital. My hearing was much the same as my last test a few years back, which was a relief…but my hearing aids were now obsolete.

They could fit me up there and then with new ones that were more advanced and could he paired with my mobile. So they did. The aids were great - comfortable, crisp, but natural sounding. I was very happy!

And then they asked me to sign a data protection document.

Basically the aids had Bluetooth and would transmit all the time.

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The data transmitted via Bluetooth would report when and how I was using the hearing aids…but apparently not my location.

I was a bit taken aback, but what bothered me more was there was no way of turning the Bluetooth off - even in flight mode.

I wear my hearing aids for 16 hrs a day, every day. I don’t want two active Bluetooth devices either side of my brain for that period of time.

I’m sure the data collection is about using patients as Guinea pigs to see what impact the Bluetooth has.

mustikkasoppa, Finnish
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Mä oon kaksikielinen. Viiton suomalaista viittomakieltä ja puhun suomea.

Lapsuuteni oli aika erikoinen kielten osalta. Kotona emme juurikaan viittoneet lainkaan perheen kesken ja kun olin arkipäivinä toisessa kaupungissa peruskoulussa, niin siellä viitoin pelkästään ja enkä puhunut lähes ollenkaan. Tämä aiheutti osaltaan jonkinlaisen persoonan kahtiajakautumisen. Kotona olin eri ihminen kuin koulussa/asuntolassa kieli-identiteetin vuoksi.

Vaikka kotona emme viittoneet, kävi meillä kuitenkin viittomakielen opettaja opettamassa minulle suomalaista viittomakieltä, kun olin hirmu pieni. Minulla oli myös samaan aikaan kuulokojeet käytössä ja yritin siinä sitten opetella puhumaankin.

#deaf #kuuro #language #finnish #SignLanguage #FinnishSignLanguage

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I’m really ashamed as someone who is moderately to severely #deaf to say that I’ve only today come across the word #Audism:

‘belief that the ability to hear makes one superior to those with hearing loss.’

I feel lucky to have generally not been on the receiving end of much prejudice…but it does happen. And I now I know there is a word for it.


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Some #Audism signs to look out for:

  • Rejection of Deaf culture or the use of sign language

  • Expectations that individuals with hearing loss rely upon residual hearing, speech, or lip-reading

  • Assumptions that those who are Deaf or hard of hearing should be held to a lower standard of success in work or educational environments

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I don’t think my teachers had particularly high expectations of me because of my hearing loss. There was no understanding or support to address the chronic shyness I had as a child which was largely down to my hearing loss because I just couldn’t confidently engage in conversations.

I could speak clearly, but every conversation was like stepping onto a broken rope bridge…you knew you would mishear something but you would never know if it was vital to understanding what was being said.

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Do #deaf kids today have a better experience than I did going to a mainstream UK state comprehensive school?

I wanted to think so.

But the statistics are not as good as I’d hoped…

78% of deaf children in the UK attend mainstream schools where they may be the only deaf child.

6% of deaf children attend mainstream schools with resource provisions –
a resource provision provides specialist support to deaf children as part of a mainstream school.

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3% attend special schools for #deaf children.

12% attend special schools not specifically for deaf children.

In England, only 1 in 5 deaf children have an Education, Health and Care plan.

Deaf children rely on specialist support from Teachers of the Deaf. But there’s been a decline of 15% in the number of qualified Teachers of the Deaf in England since 2011.

Across the UK, 50% of Teachers of the Deaf are due to retire in the next 10 to 15 years.


betalars, German
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Okay, dear community, and users of ... I need your assistance:

I am Working on a open Source Closed Captioning System for Games, and try use existing TV Standards as a starting point (as game standards are generally bad). However: some of these Standards need Adaptation to be usable for games, so help me out by filling this survey.

Please boost so this can reach users of Closed Captions. :BoostOK:

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Shameful treatment of #Black #Deaf employee #JalonHall by #Google. This company has more money than God; they can afford to provide world-class #accessibility and #accommodations. Not doing so (under the excuse of "confidentiality") is a deliberate choice.



mustikkasoppa, Finnish
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Vähemmistöstressi vähemmistön sisällä

Kuurosokeana henkilönä olen kuurojen ja näkövammaisten sisällä vähemmistöä. Stressiä on aiheuttanut yhteenkuulumattomuuden tunne. Väliinputoajana en ole saanut sellaista vertaistukea riittävästi kumpaakaan suuntaan. Enkä myöskään riittävää ymmärrystä. Koen, että kuurot karttavat kuurosokeita jostain erikoisesta syystä ja näkövammaisten kanssa ei löydy yhteistä kieltä.

Vaikka kuurosokeilla on oma vertaistukiryhmänsä, niin se on niiiiin pieni ryhmä ja eikä sieltäkään aina löydy sitä omaa paikkaa. Näissäkin on ongelmana kuplautuneet kuppikunnat, johon on todella vaikea päästä mukaan sisään porukkaan.

mustikkasoppa, Finnish
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S-kaupat kotiinkuljetuspalvelu

Mä oon saanut viime aikoina tosi hyvää asiakaspalvelua äSSältä, kun ne työntekijät ovat hienosti ottaneet kuuron asiakkaan huomioon. Olen lisännyt aina tilauksen lisätietoihin, et 'Tilaaja on kuuro, yhteydenotto viestitse.'. Ja tätä pyyntöä on toteutettu joka kerta.

#kuuro #deaf #SKaupat #Prisma #SMarket

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