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Come to ! for general cyberpunk content (

I know this community is specifically for the game Cyberpunk 2077, but if any of you are fans of the cyberpunk genre as a whole, come check out !cyberpunk for discussions on anything related to the cyberpunk genre. That is: movies, anime, books, TV shows, etc. We focus on cyberpunk as a fiction genre, so no news articles about...

No cruiser motorcycles? Really? (

This game is one of the best ones I’ve ever played and I love that there are motorcycles in it, but why there is not a single cruiser? There is a whole faction inspired on motorcycle clubs, the nomads and yet they dont include the key part of that culture? I want to ride a chopper blasting a lever shotgun terminator style!

What the hell is wrong with Appearance Mod Menu?

Things immediately come back even after despawning them, and the arcade machine keeps defaulting to the roach race arcade when I’m trying to just get trauma drama. I’ll spawn it in as trauma drama, save it, then save the preset, then when I reload the preset, it’s fucking roach race again. Am I doing something wrong or is...

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