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Enjoyed our game of last night. It's a fairly simple game to learn, but can get complex when considering all scoring variables. It also helps that I won twice in a row now 😂

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New video from prolific High Speed Rail Youtuber "Lucid Stew" about Cascadia High Speed rail, which sketches out the details of a new hypothetical route between Eugene and Vancouver, BC. What do you think of this route?

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@CascadiaRail That video mentions some of the difficulty of the terrain around , suggesting that HSR trains will have to slow down to 60 mph passing through Bellingham. That may be true, but there are some other creative ways we could work with the I-5 right of way but still go a bit faster. I wrote up some thoughts in a blog post a few years ago:

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CascadiaRail, avatar

🚨 Action alert! 🚨
is still a long ways away, & we need more ambitious improvements in the meantime. Unfortunately, the goals set out in the latest long term plan are moving backward not forward.

Contact and demand higher speeds and improved frequency in the corridor.

Via @urbanistorg

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Congrats to for 30 years of service!

"It was 30 years ago today (no joke!) that WSDOT and Amtrak started a single daily train between Seattle and Portland. It was the start of the Amtrak Cascades legacy. Thank you for riding with us!"

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The Washington State Department of Transportation () released a Preliminary Service Development Plan (SDP) for , a step towards creating a blueprint for improving the route over the next twenty years.

Check out these preliminary alternative service diagrams!

While this is not true , these are very important incremental improvements to speed & frequency that will make a big difference in the near term.

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Interesting news-ish article about in the sponsored by Microsoft.

I can't quibble with the content (it all holds water) and it's a good promotional summary of the topic.

The whole sponsored thing is a bit "ick", but whatever, newspapers aren't what they once were! And it's a nice counter to the regressive, anti-HSR editorials recently published in the Seattle Times.


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The initial 2017 study looked at the cost recovery ratio for various numbers of round trips on the new HSR line. Looks like the sweet spot is around 12 to 24 roundtrips, and it slowly starts dropping off after that.

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Then the 2019 business case analysis moved forward with two scenarios, of 21 and 30 roundtrips. So the 30 roundtrips mentioned in the Microsoft-sponsored Seattle Times article is certainly the high end, but not outside the realm of possibility.

In the scenarios in this chart, note that most of the options include a mix of local and express trains, so a town like might only get 12 trips per day.

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The #SubduedSocial Mastodon server now has custom emoji for the flags of #BellinghamWA, #WashingtonState, and #Cascadia. Enjoy!


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Note, I have some serious design complaints about the flag (aka the ).

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And here are some variants of the and the flag emoji:


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Another loving my walks in . Took this one on Friday before the rain settled in.

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Staring into the winter rain forest
(or, a Pollock painting in nature).

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Das #Brettspiel #Cascadia. Vielen Dank an @DeeArrCee für den Tipp.

Auch gut, Solo zu spielen. Durch das verdeckte Ziehen von Plättchen und auch Tieren doppelt so stark vom Zufall abhängig wie #Dorfromantik. Ich muss schauen, ob ich es vielleicht mit mehr Plättchen spiele, die vorgegebene Zahl ist doch sehr niedrig. Ich weiß auch nicht, ob alles gezeichnet nicht besser gewesen wäre, als (wahrscheinlich) durchaus schöne Stock-Fotos der Tiere.

(Unten die ersten beiden Spiele. Nicht so gut... 🤷‍♂️)

Beendetes Spiel Cascadia liegt auf dem Wohnzimmertisch ausgelegt. Cascadia ist ein Plättchen-Legespiel, es wird eine Landschaft gebildet, darauf Holzplättchen mit Tieren gelegt. Durch die Glasscheibe des Tisches sieht man den den Schubladen verschiedene C64-Bücher.

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@csickendieck Dann lieber die ursprünglichen 43 Plättchen. Danke fürs Ausprobieren

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@DeeArrCee Japp. Sehe ich mittlerweile auch so.

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ACTION ALERT: The #WashingtonState Senate has a hearing today (Tues Jan 9 at 4pm) about funding for #HighSpeedRail! Sign up to show your support for this bill by 3pm TODAY, or you can submit written testimony before 4pm TOMORROW!

SB 5947 includes $2,250,000 in planning funds for High Speed Rail and pre-allocates $50 million from the carbon emissions reduction account for use in matching funds for federal grants.

Use this link to submit your testimony:

#waleg #cascadia

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We’ve always believed that is the best way to deliver on WSDOT’s plans for “Ultra High Speed Ground Transportation” in . We’re glad that everyone else is coming around to the realization that was never more than an unserious, bad-faith proposal meant to undermine . Let’s get on with building a network of super fast here in the US!

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"When students learn about Oregon’s history, the narrative of the land’s Native people often takes a backseat to the stories of the European settlers on the Oregon Trail or the Gold Rush. A new book aims to add perspective to that narrative. 'Tribal Histories of the Willamette Valley' is a detailed account of the numerous tribes that ended up confederated at the Grand Ronde Indian Reservation in the mid-1850s..."

pauley123, German

Brettspiele Samstag
und wurde gespielt
@boardgames @brettspiele


@pauley123 @boardgames habt ihr es gut. Ich bin heute Mittag im Spielecafe verabredet und freue mich schon. 🙂

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#cascadia ist ein nettes Plättchen-Legespiel - schnell gespielt und leicht erlernt. Allerdings gefällt es mir als #solo Brettspiel nicht so sehr. Da gibt es bessere #Brettspiele, die das Solo besser hinkriegen. Da geht es nicht um die Vorgehensweise beim Spielen (das ganz rechte Plättchen und die rechte Holzscheibe werden aussortiert), sondern um die Punktezählung:
Punkte pro Tierart bleibt gleich, nur die Landschaften bringen 2 Punkte ab 7 zusammenhängenden Feldern. Doof... @brettspiele @board


@brettspiele @Fearteiler @board @ji3o Hi Julian, ich hab über den Einstieg ins Solo-Brettspiel-Hobby jüngst eine Folge gemacht, wo meine Gäste und ich auch ein paar Tipps geben. Hör gern mal rein:


Ich werfe einfach nochmal #Obsthain von @boardgamecircus als ein kleines Spiel mit leichtem Einstieg in die Runde. Ich habe Sebastians Folge leider noch nicht zu Ende gehört, kann also sein, dass das da auch vorkommt, aber sicher ist sicher.
@brettspiele @Fearteiler @board @ji3o

pauley123, German

Das erste Mal #cascadia gespielt. Verdientes, sehr einfaches Spiel des Jahres 🐟🐻🦌🌲
@brettspiele @boardgames

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@pauley123 Cascadia ist eins meiner Lieblingsspiele. 😃 @brettspiele @boardgames

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Check out my new text review on the brand new, real time, tile laying game, #FitToPrint from the makers of #Cascadia

Fit to Print Review - Board Game Breakdown

#BoardGames #BoardGame #TableTopGames #TableTop #Games #Gaming

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@boardgamebreakdown That's mildly surprising cause it doesn't feel like a game from the Cascadia group.

boardgamebreakdown, avatar

@grayson I don't think the lead designer of FtP had anything to do with Cascadia but it is the same publisher and I believe some of the team is the same.

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moss, avatar

I started this last night after the sun went behind the mountain and finished this morning so the clouds and colors are different. Glad I’m doing the thing !

/ @penfount

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