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Cumberland House, Sask., has limited access to food, supplies, while Highway 123 is a 'muddy road,' locals say (

According to Raven Chaboyer, if people want to drive in or out of Cumberland House, Sask., they’re doing so at their own risk. Now, the community that is already running low on groceries and supplies could remain isolated for another week due to the rains in forecast....

Another would-be Conservative nominee alleges 'irregularities' in race to carry party banner (

A town councillor running for the Conservative nomination in an Ontario riding that was already the source of controversy earlier this month says she was unfairly blocked from carrying the party banner because the top Tory brass wanted another candidate instead....

Judge slams Quebec youth protection after Inuk teen placed in 64 different foster homes (

A Quebec court judge has issued a scathing decision identifying major long-standing problems in youth protection services for Inuit children in Quebec’s North, in a case where a teenage girl was sent to 64 different foster homes in less than 10 years....

Loblaws, Sobeys owners under investigation by Competition Bureau for alleged anti-competitive conduct (

Canada’s Competition Bureau has launched investigations into the parent companies of grocery chains Loblaws and Sobeys for alleged anti-competitive conduct, court documents reveal, with Sobeys’ owner calling the inquiry “unlawful.”...

A commentary on Pretendians by an indigenous woman from Norway House - YouTube (

This is one of best commentaries I’ve heard recently about indigenous fraud. I’ve stopped referring to it as “Pretendians” because this isn’t a cute joke, this is serious fraud and can sometimes add up to tens, hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars worth of lifelong fraud....

Philanthropist who gave $30M to U Manitoba condemns 'hateful' valedictory speech, university for allowing it (

The philanthropist behind the University of Manitoba’s largest-ever personal donation — $30 million — has denounced a speech made by a valedictorian for medicine grads and admonished the university for letting it happen....

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