My Hero Academia

ainudraws, Spanish

Hello everyone! Time for an as Twitter and Tumblr refugee & newcomer

My name is Ainu & I’m a fan artist. I’m not the best, but I get by. I love waffles (for eating), hamsters (not for eating), drawing and reading!

I’m obsessed with , , — I read so many that borders on the medically unwise!! (゚▽゚)

Anyway, here’s a few of my fav recent drawings. Hope you like them and I get to make new friends

Kageyama and Hinata characters from Haikyuu, casually talking and hanging out together in the city
Langa and Reiki from SK8 The Infinity, sleeping and cuddling, very tired, in a traditional Japanese bedroom
A young and smiling Hinata Shouyou from Haikyuu, with lots of sunflowers floating around him

mrpablington, avatar

tonight! All this anime coming back this month! Also I have to say is an amazing anime. I stan

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