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#Bevy #RustLang I need some help. I'm trying to implement orbiting spaceship movement kinda like Eve Online. It works.. but the positions slowly drift apart as they continue orbiting, instead of remaining stable.
Anyone got any ideas?
I've already exhausted my knowledge by 1) normalizing all vectors and 2) making the actual update code dependent on delta time. This improved things a lot, but it's still an unstable system.

Here's my hacked together code:

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@ilmai Thanks. But honestly, this bit of rubberduck debugging has made me realize that I can even get away with not even using real positions at all, thus eliminating any need for orbiting mechanics.

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@ThunderComplex not having to implement anything is always the best conclusion to reach!

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I realized I never finished a project in the game engine, even though I'm an active contributor.

To rectify this, I spent a full day this weekend writing an Asteroid clone. It's incredibly basic, but it works!

The visuals are implemented with gizmos, the hitboxes are a mess, and half of my code is converting between Vec2s and Vec3s, but I'm still happy with the outcome. :)

A short video of me playing my Asteroid clone. My ship, which is just an arrow, is flying around, dodging and shooting asteroids (which are just circles), then eventually dying with a score of 1200.

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This year, I have a goal of programming a software application every quarter (~13 weeks / 90 days).

My first completed application was a game in the #Bevy game engine written in #Rust that is a rogue like game displayed in an emulated terminal emulator.

I learned a lot about Entity Component Systems, the benefit of design docs, and became a more knowledgeable ("better"?) programmer as a result.

I wrote about the project and my experience here:


Introducing renet2, a fork of the networking library renet that implements the game-oriented netcode standard.


  • Allow netcode servers to manage multiple data sources at once (e.g. UDP sockets and a WebTransport server).
  • Add built-in in-memory sockets and WebTransport sockets. You can now run a netcode server with native AND browser clients, with the same exact authentication workflow for all clients (using ConnectTokens).


#bevy #networking


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Pretty basic, but I’m proud to have a “game” up and running. My brother even threw together a custom sprite for the animation.

Took me WAY longer than anticipated (almost threw in the towel several times). But starting to feel like I’ve turned a corner; it’s becoming more fun than tedious.

#bevy #bevyengine


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Does asset management in #bevy have you tangled in knots? Do you wish there was a clear, robust way you could structure your #gamedev data? Wish you knew how to design content formats that you can just hand off to your game designers to populate? @sixfold and I have you covered! Introducing leafwing_manifest, our newest crate. Built with the care, attention to detail and #[deny(missing_docs)] that you've come to expect from :leafwing:

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I released a new tiny ergonomics crate a couple days ago I have 3 larger crates done, but I'd like to battle-test them first. Also, seldom_pixel will going from maintenance to active development pretty soon. I'd like to use it for my game's UI. So, I'll be replacing bevy_ecs_tilemap as the tilemap frontend so I can keep it updated with Bevy. Uh, and I have a bit of unreleased seldom_state work to release eventually.

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I finished my entry!

It's an interactive toy type thing made in about a never-ending demonic war.

You can play it over at Ludum Dare.



Here's part 2 of my Bevy Status Bar post from my Bevy Adventures series. In this one, I create a bevy plugin around our status bar from the previous post, into a functioning plugin, using rust generics!

Check it out here:


Our very first game at Snowy Road Studios!

Scavenger: Jump around and scavenge for good items!

Scavenger came from a small in-house game jam with me (SRS founder koe) and my kid brother. Check the devlog to see how it went:


alice_i_cecile, avatar

We've long wanted a playground, just like the official one, where you can type in code in the browser and quickly mess around with Bevy. Now, thanks to Liam, you can experience this for yourself!

While this is currently unofficial, it looks like a great learning tool, and checks off all my boxes for an MVP: editing, logging, visual window... So cool!

The author is looking for feedback here:

alice_i_cecile, avatar

The Playground site linked above now has an open-source repo! If this is something you'd like to help out with (or if you'd just like to see how the magic works), check it out at

There's also a Project thread on the Bevy Discord here: to follow along :)

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First game furniture

Added vintage table model from this post to the game:



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Introducing Svarog! A all-you-can-eat library. I'm starting a bi-weekly devlog of this library here. This week, data-driven config and a hello-world of sorts!

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I finally have UI layers natively in my game engine! This is a rewrite of the roguelike engine I used for where I went with ImGUI because I didn't have exactly these five days to figure out all the ropes. I'm limiting myself to creating a roguelike library within that would actually move a lot of the config stuff (grids, fonts, tilesets, UI layouts) out of code and into data. So far 40% there, all the static stuff now loads from shiny CSV files (thanks @Kyzrati) and this IS the way.

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Working on the rings of Jupiter for my space game in /. []

Building this game really gives me a grasp of Jupiter's scale.

First, I wanted the game to take place in the main ring of Jupiter.

Then I rechecked calculations and updated the size of the planet to the actual size, as viewed from the main ring, and suddenly it just... filled out the entire screen 😨 it felt like horror on a cosmic scale. So... I decided, it's taking place in the outer rings instead^^"

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Bevy on PinePhone Pro

Bevy can run on Android phones. But what about GNU/Linux phones?
I decided to find out using my PinePhone Pro with RK3399.

Managed to run my game using WGPU_SETTINGS_PRIO=webgl2.
But couldn't get past the main menu due to limited features of the GPU. 😢

But simple 2D games like breakout example runs!

Right now I working on networking for the game, but this evening I decided to tinker with my device a little.


PinePhone Pro with the keyboard case. Tic-Tac-Toe game on the screen. It's a draw!
PinePhone Pro with the keyboard case. On the screen console with pfetch output that prints Archlinux logo.

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@Shatur @projectharmonia I love the keycaps!

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Working more betterer now. #Bevy

taylorhadden, avatar

Right on. Now why are my lake calculations not doing anything?


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messing around with Bevy, I threw together an insanely naive tilemap implementation and it performs super well lol, ECS is wild #bevy

Video showcasing a 100x100 tilemap grid with a sprite on top of each tile, the tiles are wobbling in a satisfying manner. (sprites borrowed from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

alice_i_cecile, avatar

Will Chrichton and his team have just released Argus, a trait debugger for Rust. They're looking for feedback from Bevy users, new and old, about how this helps with #bevy's frustrating error messages for broken query and system types. #rustlang, please give it a try, and forward feedback to him (or me)!

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Wondering what the latest is for using #blender3d as an editor for #bevyengine. Any recommended approaches?

#b3d #RustLang

hut, avatar
hut, avatar

Sneak peek at a space game I'm building (with #bevy/#rust)

alice_i_cecile, avatar

Hi ! It's time for another 😁 Want to see how you build an game engine? Then follow along while I go over the 11 community-approved PRs in our backlog today

alice_i_cecile, avatar

A PR from last week, updating the docs for 2D camera projections. As TrialDragon helpfully points out, this needs to be brought up to date with main, as required CI checks aren't on the old branch. That left this PR in limbo.

Thankfully, there's a nice "update branch" button on Github (turn this setting on for your heavily active repos!). Clicking it and retrying the merge.

alice_i_cecile, avatar

Alright, that's all for this week! In case you missed it: we announced the Bevy Foundation last week, and are currently fundraising to pay for a full-time technical project manager for Bevy: me!

If you love these threads and want to see #opensource #rust #gamedev thrive, please consider donating. I want to be able to do this for years to come and help build Bevy into a world-class engine for pros and hobbyists, and your support makes all of the difference.

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#Bevy 0.13.1 is out! This is a patch release that resolves issues discovered in Bevy 0.13. New projects will automatically pick it up. Existing apps can run "cargo update". For a list of changes, see the 0.13.1 milestone:

alice_i_cecile, avatar

Want to know more about what happened this week in #bevy? Go read @chrisbiscardi's weekly newsletter!

I love the blend of community and engine content: it covers meetups, important docs updates, the new Bevy Foundation and all of the little changes that the engine devs make :)

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