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LoboTom, French
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Y a quand même pas mal de "gros" comptes ici qui ne mettent toujours pas de textes alternatifs à leurs images.

C'est dommage, parce que le contenu est souvent digne d'intérêt et de partage, mais...

Pas de , pas de partage.

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@LoboTom ça sert à quoi ?

detektorfm, German
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Vor 30 Jahren nimmt sich Kurt Cobain das Leben. Damit endet auch die Ära einer der erfolgreichsten Bands aller Zeiten. Doch Nirvana inspiriert und prägt Musikschaffende immer noch.

#1990er #DerSongDesTages #Grunge #Nirvana #Popfilter #PopfilterDerSongDesTages #Songempfehlung #Todestag #PopfilterDerSongDesTages


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Will the media learn the right lesson from the Ronna McDaniel debacle?

Sadly, #MSNBC #management couched the decision to drop #Ronna #McDaniel in a blizzard of corporate speak.

(“No organization, particularly a newsroom, can succeed unless it is cohesive and aligned … It has become clear that this appointment undermines that goal.”)

Funny — the journalists who spoke up said McDaniel’s departure was required to
🔸preserve their journalistic mission and the network’s credibility,
🔸not out of any need for “alignment.”

We can only hope that NBC and other news organizations take away something more than “don’t hire a MAGA mouthpiece”

A few ideas:
• Create a #mission #statement that affirms your goals are telling the #truth and defending #democracy, which protects the First Amendment — not fake balance. • #Stop #pretending four-times-indicted former president Donald Trump and his movement are presenting #alternative#policies” as a normal party would. They are fighting for an alternate system: authoritarianism. • Politicians’ outright #lies must be identified, not just labeled as their “response” or “position.” • Instead of obsessing over #polls, devote extensive coverage to #analyzing the Heritage Foundation’s “#Project2025” and Trump’s #fascist #agenda. Feature #historians and political #scientists during news segments (not only on panels) to put Trump’s views and statements in context. • #Don’t excerpt a few words from a Trump rally or speech, dub it an “argument” and #ignore his mental short-circuits and #deteriorating #intellect.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2024/03/29/newsletter-ronna-mcdaniel-media-alsobrooks/ #Media #RonnaMcDaniel #Debacle

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Is ? I can’t see the privacy policy if my is on 🙃

Any valuable ?

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menelion, (edited )
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Everyone who adds text to their images, are…

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@umrk 10/10 album for me

acciumred, Spanish
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#ALT Póster. Escenario con iluminación tenue. Una figura con máscara de ratón en tres momentos de actuación. En los dos primeros, sentada. En el tercero, de pie. En la parte superior, el texto: «#ContenciónMecánica. Esta semana jueves y viernes. A las 19:30 h en Teatro del Barrio, Madrid (2024)». De Teatro Invisibles ♥︎ (@/t_invisibles).

Entradas disponibles: https://teatrodelbarrio.com/contencion-mecanica/

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I always try to add alt text, but I fear I may not always be the best to describe what is in a photo. Still, I encourage everyone to try, as not everyone who is on social media can see well or at all.

#AltText #Alt

acciumred, Spanish
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«Lloramos la trágica pérdida de Nex Benedict (Choctaw), estudiante de secundaria no binarie de 16 años que murió [asesinade] tras ser brutalmente agredide. Este acto de violencia sin sentido es un recordatorio de los continuos peligros que enfrentan nuestros familiares #2SLGBTQIA+.»

#JusticeForNex #JusticiaParaNex

#ALT. Imagen en memoria con el mensaje «Rest in Power, Nex Benedict. 2008-2024 (Choctaw)» [«Descansa en Paz, Nex Benedict. 2008-2024 (Choctaw)»]. Junto al texto, una foto de Nex.

DieGesellschafterinLang, German
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Enjoying some bangers from more than 30 fkn years ago. Thirty!?! 🎃​🤘​

podryban, Polish
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Dostępności nigdy nie za wiele. Pamiętajmy o tym, by dbać nie tylko o własną wygodę!


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Problem: Ich würde gerne immer mitliefern, ABER das ist auf relativ kleinem screen = iPhone SE 1st GEN (!) + mobile browser nicht möglich! (DuckDuckGo) Alt-Texteingabe funzt, jedoch ist der „apply“-Button trotz scroll, swipe, zoom… definitiv nicht erreichbar = off-screen. :/
Any ideas? @ordnung @Katti

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@cosmic040 Können wir leider nichts machen - würden die Nutzung einer App und/oder eine Meldung an den Issue-Tracker von Mastodon empfehlen, falls es dort noch keine Issues dazu gibt.

Joannanewsomsuperfan, French
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Je vois de plus en plus de gens mettre l'Alt en corps de texte (enfin, en corps de pouêt) maintenant, et non plus attaché à l'image elle-même, j'ai raté un mémo ?
#accessibilité #Alt

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@Joannanewsomsuperfan c'est pas une bonne idée car ça fait qu'une personne aveugle aura droit à la lecture du chemin de l'image qui est une suite de chiffres et de lettres aléatoires ; ce qui est totalement imbuvable.

Mieux vaut répéter plus succinctement, dans ce cas.

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I did actually get my on today. Here's something a little less well known to the masses. R.I.P. Mark and Van. 😢

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My massive discography on #bandcamp is a mere €12.75. If get ten Discography sales today, I could buy 2 weeks worth of food shopping! Come on, buy my music, http://Limneticvillains.bandcamp.com feed a musician! #alternative #electronic #indie #rock #irish

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is really like somebody thought "what if we made heroin addiction a music genre"

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"I came here to tell you about the rhythms of the universe..."

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@umrk what about those who swing both ways. AC-DC. 🤣😂

elomenelomina, German
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Ein Klick auf "Bearbeiten" des Upload Fotos im <Toot Bearbeiten> Modus genügt.

Beispielhafter Text für die Bildbeschreibung:
"London Bridge vor Morgenhimmel, mit Quellwolken im Farbverlauf hellblau über hellorange bis hellgelb, von links nach rechts. Rechts im Bild: Morgensonnenstrahlen scheinen durch die Brückenstreben über der Themse hindurch."


"Only alternative"? Lol. An #alternative implies that plenty of things will be different if you choose them.

No matter if #Biden or #Trump wins, the #USA along with its rival #imperialist power #China will still push us peoples living peacefully in #SoutheastAsia to #war. No matter whether it's blue that wins or red, the occupation of #Okinawa, #Palestine, and #SouthKorea will continue. No matter which fucking white old senile man you elect, #JenniferLaude and her family will not get the #justice they deserves after that bastard #Yankee soldier killed her in our own country. #NoMatterWho, my dear #Philippines will have to put up with your horrible fucking #foreignpolicy.

So is it really an "alternative"? ​:sagume_think:​

@philippines @Philippines @palestine #TootSEA #USpol #USpolitics #politics

RE: https://infosec.exchange/users/73ms/statuses/111821117137569569


@Helgi If you mean that the U.S. is stationing their military in Okinawa to prevent some sort of Hong Kong incident where Japan forcefully suppresses calls for sovereignty in the prefecture, then I highly doubt that. The U.S. needs a reliable ally in East Asia a bit behind the frontlines, and Japan fits that role perfectly. I don't think they'd sacrifice their relationship with the Japanese government for (in their view) a bunch of noisy Okinawans. If Okinawa wasn't just a strategic location they would've gladly returned full sovereignty of the region back to Japan and turn a blind eye to any future human rights abuses that would be committed by Japanese authorities.

Anyway while I personally think that Okinawa and Hokkaido don't really belong to Japan in the end (the anti-Japaneseism movement within Japan comes to mind), it's a whole can of worms and I'd rather not have any Western intervention on this matter.

@philippines @palestine @Philippines

@Helgi@101010.pl avatar

@mima @philippines @palestine @Philippines need to ask Japan, maybe they don't want those US bases removed. Exactly like Germany, they had US bases, then Trump decided to remove those bases. And Poland immediately proposed to pay for stationing them in their country, to protect Poland against Russia

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We're in a place now where we're being alt media raped by intelligence. It's getting stupid.

#alternative #media #cia #intelligence #internet #broswithshows

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