Україна Ukraine

Explosions, fire reported at military airfield in occupied Crimea (

Explosions were reported in the town of Dzhankoi in occupied Crimea near a military airfield during the early hours of April 17, according to Russian-affiliated telegram channels. Following the explosions, a large-scale fire reportedly broke out at the airfield.

Coca-Cola HBC's Russian division quadruples profits on “Dobry Cola” sales after corporation vows to leave the country (

The profits of Multon Partners LLC, the Russian division of Coca-Cola HBC Holdings B.V., totaled 10.25 billion roubles (a little over $111 million) in 2023 — more than four times more than in 2022 (2.3 billion roubles), according to the company's financial statements.

‘Double-tap’ attack. Understanding one of Russia’s cruelest tactics in Ukraine (

Hitting a building, waiting for first responders and the media to arrive, and hitting the same place again to target those who came to put out the fire, help the victims, or document a potential war crime is a well-honed tool of Russia in its wars. This ruthless and illegal

Speaker Johnson advances aid bills, but time running out as Ukraine’s supplies dry up (

After six grueling months, the U.S. House of Representatives may finally be preparing to vote on a new aid package for Ukraine. House Speaker Mike Johnson said on April 16 that following new rounds of talks with House Republicans, he planned to advance three separate aid packages for Ukraine,

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