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Does anyone remember Vietnamese American, Tila Tequila, promoting fascism & joining far right asshats, doing Nazi salute with Richard Spencer & being an avid Trump supporter?

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I bring that up only because many / really love to recruit & exploit them to try to show public - we ain't because we have people who support us.

Guess what folks? POC with massive & are easily recruited/exploited by for evil purposes. It's not new. It's been happening for a long time. It goes back to & divide/conquer tactics of Indigenous peoples genocides, globally.

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Pamiętacie jak żałowałem, że przygoda Malum Caedo tak szybko się skończyła, bo można było tak wiele jeszcze z nią zrobić? I wiecie co? Dostaniemy nową zawartość do gry 💙!

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My son's grade 6 teacher is leaning full tilt into the "embarrass you in front of the class for benign requests/mistakes" method of authoritarian .

I'm caught between wanting to call her out on it, vs, not wanting to make things worse for him since she seems like the retaliatory type. And there's only 1 month left in the school year.


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@heiglandreas There will be a next year but a different teacher thank goodness!

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@syntaxseed Our son went through teacher issues. In French school, his teacher(s) suspended him in grade 5 for being unruly. His friends knew they could wind him up, and he’d get in trouble as he was the most rambunctious. We switched schools for 6-7 and he thrived. Teachers embraced his character and made it work for all his classes. He went from sad to being the happiest kid in the world! Hope you both find a way to get through these last few days and have a teacher that “gets him” next year

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Another Thursday - another round of new lists! Additions this week:

  • Clothes as a vocabulary list in multiple languages 🇪🇸🇨🇳🇫🇷🇩🇪🇬🇧🇯🇵
  • Fiction Books & Authors as a general knowledge list

Download for free from the App Store:

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Honestly, just be kind to your students and you're vastly more inclusive than 75% of other educators in higher ed.

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open evening is on Monday evening.
We will be open from 19:30 until 22:00 to give folks who may be interested in what we do, and what facilities we can provide, a chance to come and have a look round and meet some of our members.
All are welcome. If you have ever wondered what we did to convert a derelict toilet into a hackspace, or what a "hackspace" is for that matter, come and have a look around.
If you like to create, make or craft things why not pay us a visit?
We have tools and equipment that cover a wide range of hobbies, crafts and technologies: woodwork, metalwork, electronics, laser cutting, vinyl cutting, sewing, 3D printing.....
Free tea, coffee and a biscuit or two.


Everybody is flocking to . Here’s a magazine that will help you get started and learn to use it for business and pleasure. LEARNING AND USING FLIPBOARD

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@drahardja wear them while going for a nice cup of tea

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@anji 😆

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Idaho State University is hiring a Director of #Teaching, #Learning, & #Assessment :

If you're a good fit, consider becoming my (boss's boss's) boss!

#InstructionalDesign #EdTech #onlineLearning

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Is it just me, or should a "Tutorial for Beginners" explain Why to do things, rather than just show How?

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Did you know it has been 4-years since we introduced JAWS Training for Teachers and AT Instructors? If you are teacher or instructor, what training module have you found most helpful? Share your experience with us or check out this blog to learn more:

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1 of my 6th graders shared this “SIFT-worthy” disinformation example today: “Is the London Eye Getting Dismantled and Moved to Scotland?

I added it (with screenshots from archived web captures of the original post / photos) to my “More SIFT Lessons” curriculum page:

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OCaml Mutability and Imperative Control Flow Part II Twitch video at (~ 25m) @ocaml_org

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