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UAV [aka ‘Drone’] Surveying At The UK’s Ordnance Survey [podcast] <-- GeoMob podcast link <-- blog post on OS UAV use

H/T Doug Newcomb
[A general focus but very interesting and informative]
“James Morrison, head pilot and UAS ("Unmanned Aircraft System") lead at Ordnance Survey, discusses the use of drones in mapping and surveying. He shares examples of how drones were used to quickly assess landslips and update mapping in the Isle of Wight, as well as capture data for residential housing developments. James explains the different types of drones used by Ordnance Survey and their capabilities, including capturing imagery with centimeter-level accuracy…”


photo - drone
map - OS MasterMap example
photo - OS used a fixed-wing drone to fly over the coal pile on an automated flight route. A series of images were taken with the drone at precise locations across the coal which were then fed into software that ‘stitched’ them into a 3D ‘digital twin’ of the coal pile, using a process called photogrammetry.

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Trying some electric music

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Explore the wilder, more side of my work with Metaphysical Shitposting, an evolving collection (new tracks added about once a month) of , and pieces, with the occasional splash of musique concrete, and mixed in to keep things interesting.

Lots and lots of work here, plus some stuff like , tape loops, toy instruments and more.


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Kolejna lekcja latania dronem. Okolice Wrocławia są bardzo atrakcyjne 😉

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also do these things not need a permit? this #drone was hanging over my head for quite some time 😬

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@Heliograph Annoying! 😖

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Using less water & using a to fertilize are new techniques that Van is trying & hopes will help solve a at the heart of : The finicky crop isn’t just vulnerable to but also contributes uniquely to it.

Vietnam is the world's 3rd largest exporter, & the staple importance to culture is palpable in the Delta.

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The inevitable happened and it’s the first time I’ve had to rescue my quad from a tree, didn’t need the arborers weight this time though! 😂

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Just playing around with oscillator syncing and my new reverb. Some serious low freqs here, best played on a good speaker system with a subwoofer, or at least headphones.

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@DaveSeidel Excellent on my headphones.

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raph, (edited )

Cette semaine, je me suis pris à rêver.
J'ai trouvé une grange à vendre sur ce sommet. 22000€. Si peu. Mais tellement trop pour moi. Malgré tout je l'ai cherchée. Et après des heures d'exploration, un échec, et plus de 20 kilomètres parcourus hors sentiers... Je l'ai trouvée.

Le cadre est époustouflant. L'endroit est incroyablement paisible. Mais non. À part en me mettant dans le mal pour 10 ans, c'est trop pour moi.

L'avantage de cette aventure, c'est que j'ai appris que depuis mon habitation actuelle, je peux me rendre à ce point de vue à couper le souffle en une petite heure !

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@raph 22000 ? et combien se terrain avec ?

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The future: Cope cages on everything.

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@exador23 To bounce grenades off?

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@ai6yr close. the little FPV suicide drones in rampant use in the Ukraine war detonate on impact. this supposedly makes the impact far enough away that the vehicle or driver survive.

They're becoming ubiquitous in cartel country down south too.

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– beyond barriers and getting under attack [01_0008] (#FPV car driving)

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@NUeB Der Schnipsel mit “08:30 second encounter – being attacked” und “08:45 Ha–Ha! I’m faster than you 🍑 are. DUT. 👿” wäre eine nette Videospende beim Fahrraddashcamyoutuber deiner Wahl. 🤪

Die Perspektive ist echt spannend. Wie steuerst du das Auto und weißt, wohin du fahren kannst? Wie läuft die Videoübertragung?

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Oh hell yeah, Metaphysical Shitposting just got its first fan review! From esteemed fellow musician @acefstripe! Here's what they had to say:

"A great eclectic mix of spacey sounds/textures and a very nice drone piece (Elegiac City). Favorite track: Elegiac City."

You can hear it here, grab a free code via one of my recent posts, and maybe leave your thoughts!


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Le 14 mars 2019.

Vous l’aurez remarqué, je peine à me remettre à Instagram. Bien que j’ai programmé de quitter -en partie- la plate-forme d’ici quelques semaines, je dois avouer qu’il me tarde plus que je ne le pensais.

Marre de son algorithme qui nous éloigne de plus en plus au fil des jours. Marre de l’ambiance désertique qui en incombe.
Je m’intéresse beaucoup aux réseaux décentralisés du type Pixelfed, Mastodon et Peertube. Et je suis en train d’apprendre à mettre en place des instances pour enfin retrouver ma liberté de publication que j’ai perdu ici.
Vous imaginez ? J’ai arrêté de regarder la télévision il y a 14 ans car je ne supportais pas de ne pas contrôler ce que je regardais, et les principales plateformes sociales sont devenues pires avec leurs algorithmes mal-intentionnés. .
Bref. Mes derniers jours en Guadeloupe vont être intenses. Je suis reparti pour essayer 3 nouvelles voitures de Sixt afin d’explorer la Grande-Terre et le Nord de la Basse-Terre.

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Il y a une cette tentation a revenir à Instagram. . J'wi éliminé plusieurs fois mon compte pour toujours revenir en arrière et recommencer. Ça fait plusieurs mois que je l'ai laissé, je pense pour de bon. Enfin j'espère. Son algorithme est pollué, il pollue les esprits, et son influence est néfaste. Je pense que nous pouvons avoir Instagram et être fort, rester nous même, partager avec le monde, mais Instagram continue la plateforme que nous connaissons.. pas pire que tiktok, mais sur le même chemin ! Très belles photos de vos vacances, bonne continuation !


Ce n'étaient pas des vacances, j'y ai habité ! Pour Instagram, j'ai conservé mon compte à titre d'historique car je m'y étais beaucoup investi. Mais j'ai totalement arrêté de l'utiliser il y a 1 an et demi. L'algorithme est désastreux qualitativement (le but étant de générer de la frustration puis de la récompense) que moralement parlant (avec du contenu principalement néolibéral mis en avant). Et ça ne me manque absolument pas.

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Here's a shot of the marina where I'm seeking safe harbor until I can get back out into Albemarle Sound next week. It's an interesting establishment. 🤔 Lamb's Marina.

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@mlanger I freaking love the outer banks.

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#Drone live stream by Isaak Finnbogason from the new #lava field near #svartsengi and #Grindavik .

"LIVE 17.03.24 New March #Volcano #eruption in #Iceland"

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randomly recording some dark ambient.
ドローン3 may be around the corner...

ド​ロ​ー​ン​2 is already well over a year ago
#drone #darlambient

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End of an Era

The Mavic 2 Pro arrived on 9 Jul 2019.

4.5 year and a fair few miles together later and the gimbal cable is acting up and image transmission failing at increasingly inconvenient moments.

So this is the last photo I'll be making with it. Farewell little droneybird 😢

#drone #dronephotography #perthshire #tree #photography #scotland #landscapephotography #naturephotography #hdr

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“Palestine Action has been in action FOUR TIMES this week – doing what politicians dare not:
Shutting down Israel's arms supplies”

by The Canary @thecanaryuk

“First, on Tuesday 27 February activists from #PalestineAction returned once again to #Staffordshire to inflict a blow to Israel’s arms trade, by shutting down the [#Elbit Systems] factory responsible for making their #drone #engines


“Then, early on Thursday 29 February [..] Activists from Palestine Action occupied the Manchester offices of Bank of New York (#BNY) Mellon, which invests over £10m in Elbit Systems.“


“Then, later on 29 February several local residents of #Somerset and supporters of Palestine Action disrupted Somerset Council’s ‘Property and Investments Sub-Committee meeting, as the council lease Aztec West [Retail Park] 600 to Elbit Systems.”


“And finally, on Friday 1 March Palestine Action was conducting its fourth operation – this time at the offices of #Avnet in #Bolton Avnet is another supplier for Elbit Systems”

#Gaza #Rafah #ExterminationCamp #Israel #ApartheidIsrael #US #GenocideJoe #Netanyahu #ButcherOfGaza #DahiyaDoctrine #HannibalDirective #IDF #SnuffMovies #Zionism #Racism #Pogrom #Nakba2.0 #Naksa #Genocide #FinalSolution #SettlerColonialism #Liberation #LiberationWar #Dehumanization #Hamas #TerroristIsrael #EthnicCleansing #ChildMurder #ChildTorture #Starvation #Disease #Hasbara #Disinformation #InfoWar #CollectivePunishment #Palestine #TheOccupiedTerritories #WarCrimes #GroundInvasion #BabyMurderers #HospitalDestroyers #CrimesAgainstHumanity #StateSanctionedMurder #OperationAlAqsaFlood #Palestine #FreePalestine #PermanentCeasefireNoW #BDS #GenocideJoe #USComplicity #UKComplicity #EUComplicity

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En Île-de-France, la police s’autorise à déployer des drones plus d’un jour sur deux

(rappel que la surveillance ça ne sert à peu près à rien, et c'est surtout un énorme marché dont nous faisons les frais : :blobCatAnon: )

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