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I just tooted 🎺 earlier about finding myself behind a and one of the responses mentioned the dynamics etc.

I’ve never been a big fan of manuals (although I love shiftable automatics) but maybe I should drive the right one to understand why so many fans desire them.

I’ve driven a Golf Mk I manual (not GTi), a Mercedes-Benz (hated it), and a few other nondescript manual rentals in various guises.

If you had to drive ONE manual to understand, which would it be?

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@ZeKik I had no time for it and no space to keep it either, sad to say 😑

Dylan, avatar

I've never driven a BMW manual, but I've heard they haven't been impressive for a few generations.

While I'm trying to come up with a "universal" answer to your question, I think it simply comes down to personal taste.

I've driven a VERY popular stick-shift car and really disliked it. Also driven other manuals that I feel lukewarm about. Love my ‘Yata of course.

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Washed today and finally a sunny day to open the roof.
#mazda #miata #cars #sun #convertible #vancouver

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@jnv Looks amazing and fun to drive.


Mazda not ready to bet on EVs but says more plug-ins for the US market - Enlarge (credit: Mazda)

Electrification is a big challenge if ... -


Building An Animated Turn Signal For The Mazda MX-5 - Turn signals in most of the world are mandated to be a flashing orange light, dist... -

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This is highly disappointing. This is likely an abuse of DMCA, but the affected people won’t fight it because it involves open source developers without the resources to fight it.

Mazda is a bully. And they are aware of their power dynamic in this and know they’ll get away with it.

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WTF, Mazda?

Ars Technica: Mazda's DMCA takedown kills a hobbyist’s smart car API tool

qlp, avatar

@mikewren I'm an anti-DMCA person and hate when it's used in such a manner.


@qlp @mikewren I never really like Mazda, but I sure as hell am not buying one now.

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Found a parking buddy!

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