AR15s and AR15 accessories

Gyrostat, French

Why we are publishing disturbing content from #AR15 mass shootings 🇺🇸

« Nous avons conscience que cet article sera perturbant pour nos lecteurs, mais nous pensons que la publication de ces images va donner un nouvel aperçu du rôle de l'AR-15 dans les fusillades de masse aux Etats-Unis », explique le 'Washington Post'. #MassShooting

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Stiched together my own 3-point hybrid sling completely from scratch.

Main features are:

  • Quick conversion from 3-point to 1-point with magnetic clasp (thr one connecting the red webbing)

  • Quick disconnect if you get tangled

  • two adjustment points, one for weight, the other for muzzle drop.

  • Cool red, black, and white styling ;)

  • All metal clasps and connectors

  • Combination of thick and thin webbing for comfort.

#AR15 #gun #guns #2a #rifle #rifles


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Having a blast at the range today. I picked up a 3x magnifier and have been working on sighting that in. I think I've got it set well but I still need to figure out a couple things.

#RangeUSA #AR15 #HoloSun #SigSauer #DiamondBackFirearms #pistol #handgun #Texas 🇺🇸

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Had a blast at the range today. I was a lot more successful and productive 🤩☺️

#RangeUSA #rifles #TargetPractice #AR15 #DiamondBackFirearms #Ruger

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